Gui Castelão

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A version of my resume. Please, email me if interested in a long version CV.

It would require more of your time, but a more interesting way to learn about my skills and what I did in the past is by checking my commented CV posts. I think that a full traditional CV is only useful for paperwork when someone needs to checkmark a list of requirements and sum points to justify a decision that was already made. I don't think it is an efficient way to evaluate if someone is the right person for the job.

A resume is at least brief, but because of that it is even more tailored to one specific application or goal, so it will miss some stuff. Maybe even more critical, it is strongly dependent on the knowledge of the reader to expand the meaning of a few words. For instance, what do you expect when you read the following words together: ETL, air-sea heat fluxes, GitHub Actions, Scrum with Jira, Chlorophyll climatology, and Rust for embedded? Can you guess a profile for this person? Do you think that your guess was driven by your background?

Some time ago I started to add a 1-2 lines summary underneath each one of my publications in my CV to point out what I thought was special there. After that, I realized that there are infinite ways to do the same job, and sometimes the way how it was done is important. But the CV is already too long to add even more content. Well, I think that a more fun way to figure if I'm the right one for your job is by reading some of my stories. This is not a complete list, but I hope you enjoy it.